Designed for lightweight structure constructions and high ceilings

The heating elements are fixed directly above the plasterboard. Plasterboard can warm up to 40-45°C, allowing it to radiate more heat from a smaller surface area than a well dimensioned floor heating.

Independent of the thickness of the plasterboard, the CALEO DIRECT ceiling heating is faster than any previous technology, giving you more precise controllability.

As only 20-40% of the ceiling surface is required for the heating output, this leaves room for the installation of lighting fixtures or unique structures.

An ideal solution and low investment cost can be made in buildings / premises where the plasterboard suspended ceilings are part of the building or for interior design reasons:

  • Light structure domestics houses
  • Attics, renovations of attics
  • Apartments with high ceilings
  • Exclusive apartments, hotel rooms


Hot air does not go up! For that to happen, a significant difference in temperature is required. Heat dissipation of CALEO DIRECT ceiling heating systems occurs only in the form of radiant heat so that the temperature difference between the lower and upper air layers is only 2-3°C. The same value for conventional or radiator heating can be up to 15-18°C.


A slight disadvantage of floor heating is that, because we need to walk on the surface, the maximum permissible surface temperature is limited (29-31°C), thus limiting possible heat output. In many cases for this reason, designers are forced to engage in interior design, limiting the builder’s freedom and ideas (e.g. furniture, if possible, must have legs, use of carpet is not recommended). With ceiling heating, you can have the complete freedom of home furnishing!


For lightweight buildings where suspended plasterboard ceilings are a part of the building, there is no additional ceiling investment. The CALEO CA 160 Series has a unique 30cm dimension and optimized performance to match modern building structures.

Electrical wall and ceiling heating is always controlled by a dual-sensor thermostat. The thermostat simultaneously measures the temperature of the ceiling plasterboard (external sensor) for optimum temperature, and the built-in sensor (air) controls the desired room temperature. For controlling our ceiling heating system, all BVF thermostats are suitable for easy-to-use, remote-access devices. Choose a model that suits your needs or ask our experts for advice.



The CALEO PREMUM range has a 160W/m2 heating element, designed for wall and ceiling heating systems, which maintains the heated ceiling at optimized temperatures. The 30cm width ensures the possibility of plasterboarding with the standard 40cm spacing, so the installation of the heater does not require a special procedure during construction.