Easy to fit in the tile adhesive

The BVF H-MAT electric heating mat has a thickness of just 3.8mm, so unlike conventional heating cables, it is possible to build individual and additional comfort floor heating without raising the floor level, since the tile adhesive or floor levelling compound should be at least as thick as this.

Plug in and heat sizes from 1-12m2. Immediately after installation, it can be connected directly to the thermostat by a 2.5m factory installed connection cable. Thanks to Twin-Conductor technology, it is required to connect on one side only.

Even a new heating system can easily be installed by just replacing the floor. For bathrooms, regardless of the real heat requirement, we recommend a larger product capacity (150W/m2) for quick and dynamic heating.

Instant inventory for small and large projects!

Our products can be purchased immediately from our stock.

Instant inventory for small and large projects!

Our products can be purchased immediately from our stock.


BVF H-MAT electric heating mats do not require a special layer system when tiling. But before starting, it is advisable to have an even level substrate floor even when it is directly applied using flexible tile adhesive.

The flexible carrier layer can easily be adapted to the floor plan dimensions of the room. The 50cm width is therefore only a packaging dimension. Its self-adhesive surface securely fixes the heating element in place until the coating can begin.


The BVF H-MAT twin core heating mats has only one side with a connection point. No complicated preliminary design is required, no special installation layer is required, only the bottom insulation that complies with the current standards for the most economical operation. It can also be laid directly on the concrete floor and can be covered with either a tile adhesive or a concrete levelling compound layer.


BVF electric mats do not require maintenance or hidden warranty reviews. They can be put into operation immediately after installation / transfer, and can be completely separated from environmental effects due to their multiple insulation (e.g. wetting of the substrate, water pipe breakage, etc.). At the end of the heating season, the heating system can be disconnected at the thermostat by the simple push of a button, and started up again when the thermostat is switched on and the desired temperature is set.


Like all BVF products, the BVF heating mats can be combined with renewable energy sources. The heating energy demand of buildings is calculable, so is the consumption of the heating system. Learn more about our solar systems that can fully replace heating costs.
Performance range:
100W – 150W/m²
Insulation of heating cables:
Double insulation
1-12 m²
External enclosure insulation:
2.5m wire
Recommended control:
BVF 601i

Designing a new heating system or even just determining the performance of some additional heating is a matter for a specialist.

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