Independent heating system or comfort floor heating

In recent years, the fastest growing heating solutions are innovative electric floor heating systems. When backed up by practical examples, the widespread misconception that “electric heating is expensive” has all but disappeared from modern building design engineering. An important feature is the low investment cost, simple design and dimensioning, maintenance-free operation and fast accurate room temperature control.

A house or an apartment is not just a building that requires heating but rather a home where you and your family can be together, a place that you can shape and create to your own taste. In this approach, security, comfort, silence and clarity are important. Innovative floor heating products from BVF-CALEO Group provide you with the highest level of service. In addition, electric floor heating can be operated economically, either with the initial installation or in the future together with renewable energy sources.


Floor heating is a low-temperature radiant heating, which has the advantage of creating a higher temperature feeling than higher temperature radiator heating at the same air temperature (radiator=convection heating). Irrespective of the total heating installation, floor heating is an indispensable part of a modern bathroom or a cold-walled living room.


The output from floor heating is uniform, no cold corners are formed, the radiant heat warms and drys the walls and the walls store heat and radiate the heat back, making it impossible for condensation to form and subsequent fungi molds. In floor heated rooms, the air temperature rise from the floor to the ceiling, as opposed to radiator heated rooms, where the ceiling is the hottest spot in the room. As there is also no circulating air movement so there is also no floating dust.


Floor heating is invisible and does not obstruct with the fitting of furniture. Does not contain any moving parts that can wear out. The only visible part is the thermostat and all thermostat models are regularly updated to match current design trends and standards.

Electrical floor heating is always controlled by a double-sensor thermostat. The thermostat simultaneously measures and maintains the temperature of the floor (floor sensor) at an optimum temperature, and the built-in sensor (air) controls the desired room temperature. All BVF thermostats can be used for controlling our floor heating systems and products, ranging from simple programmable thermostats up to remote Internet access devices. Choose a model that suits your needs or ask our experts for advice.



This extra thin technology is mainly used for heating laminate flooring and parquet floor coverings. By its implementation, it is easy to build an individual or a complementary floor heating using just simple dry constructions. The complete floor heating system only needs a total of 6mm thickness. This is suitable for floor heating with a maximum output requirement of 80-130W.


It is a quick and easy solution for floor heating or maintaining a minimum temperature in cold rooms, depending on the built-in performance. Suitable for embedding into the tile adhesive, under the floor tiles, it does not cause a raise in the floor level. It can also be embedded into the levelling concrete screed layer, for the heating of carpet, synthetic resin, plastic and other glued coatings.


A cost-effective solution for creating “heat storage” floor heating systems embedded in the substrate concrete layer. It is fast and easy to comply with installation distances and thermal insulation standards. It can be simply attached to the concrete reinforcement steel or to factory mounting rails. The “heat storage” floor heating system, designed with heating cable, is best suited for individual heating.



From 26 Euro + VAT / m2

Design of standalone floor heating systems for new constructions or renovations, installed in the substrate.

Number one heating solution for energy-efficient buildings.

The CALEO EFFICIENT heat storage floor heating system is perfect for building a heating system for average and energy-efficient buildings. The heating films are housed in 4-6cm screed “heating storage concrete” that evenly heats up the building structure which warms the room for long periods after the heating up cycle has finished. 


From 25 Euro + VAT / m2

Perfect renovation system. The heating elements are installed directly under the flooring or in the floor bedding.

Our extra thin floor heating system consists of two innovative heating elements from BVF-Caleo 80-130 heating film and BVF H-Mat 100-150 heating mats.

The CALEO REG system, when compared to conventional thermal storage floor heating systems, uses the thermal storage capacity of the concrete to a minimum, so that the heating up time is not hours, but rather a matter of just minutes. Traditional tiling can be done without the need for special layers.


From 15 Euro + VAT / m2

Wall and ceiling heating system. Ideal surface heating solution for light structure buildings and / or high ceiling buildings.

One of the fastest heating solutions today. For light structure buildings, as the plasterboard ceilings are part of the building, so there is no additional investment in the ceilings. The CALEO 160 range, with its unique 30cm dimension and optimized performance, adapts perfectly to modern building structures.

Between 20-40% from the ceiling surface is sufficient to provide enough heating capacity.