Build a Porotherm, Ytong or Lightweight House?

BVF-CALEO heating products have already been proven in all construction systems!

We support energy-conscious constructions and builders. We now provide a 7% discount on material costs for all our systems, which are installed in a building that is subject to the “A” or “A +” energy rating.

BVF Heating and CALEO are now a product and heating system for modern buildings. Low-energy buildings require low-temperature surface heaters and radiant heaters. Our innovative surface heating and infra panel systems provide the most efficient solution for heating light structure buildings and A / A + buildings.

In modern building engineering, it is clear that the use of surface heating is the most economical heating solution, but the question is the choice of the best heat production equipment and technologies. Achieving maximum efficiency and accurate measurement of the power output of a heat generator often causes problems with conventional heating solutions. In many cases, the investment costs and the payback period are not in parallel.

For these reasons, in recent years, the use of innovative electric floor heating solutions, with low investment costs, saving gas, chimneys and operating costs, is economically efficient due to the 100% annual efficiency of heating energy-efficient buildings.