Revolutionary, clean, energy-efficient

Based on these three principles, we have developed our latest infra solution. Infra panels for wall and ceiling mounting. Whether it’s a new construction or a refurbishment, the infra panel is the ideal choice for those who are looking for the perfect solution for their living environment.

Minimalistic design allows unlimited applications in either modern or traditional surroundings. Placed onto a ceiling (thermally recommended) it is unobtrusive and it does not affect the interior design. For system-wide application, we recommend the BVF NG Series standard panels and our PREMIUM Series range of glass and mirrors for additional heating.

Quality made in Austria with market leading technology. The 2016 engineered and patented Graphite Polyamide heating element now provides you with higher efficiency and lower operating costs than any previous infra panel technology.

The heating capacity of the Infra Panels is determined from the sum of its temperature and the total heat transfer surface. The heat output of the BVF NG panels falls into the radiant heating group, and within the FIR (Far Infra Red) range.

As thermal radiation is absorbed into every object, body, building structure, and forms a temperature equilibrium within the enclosed space, so those objects then evenly radiate back the heat. This gives rise to a higher thermal feeling of 2-3°C than the real temperature.

Infra panels are suitable for residential and other indoor applications due to their performance and design. Their location can be freely selected within the space to be heated, either placed on the ceiling or walls according to the appropriate heating output (determined by a specialist). The accessory brackets are also suitable for attaching the panels on to slanted surfaces.

Naturally for uniformity, wide doors and windows should be considered during the design phase.

BVF infra panels are factory equipped with standard electrical plugs so that they can be easily connected for immediate use. However, for economical operation of a heating system, a thermostat for temperature control is recommended. All BVF thermostats are suitable for controlling infra panels, ranging from a simple power adapter to devices that provide remote internet access. Choose a model that suits your needs or ask our experts for advice.

In any case, the performance of a heating system or even auxiliary heating depends on the maximum heat loss through the building structure. Since all structures, building materials and doors have different overall heat transfer coefficient (U value), so determining heating system performance requires heat loss calculations.

Designing a heating system or even determining the performance of an additional heating is also a matter for a specialist.

Please try our latest heat loss calculator that is available for iOS and Android.

Infrared heating does not dry and it does not circulate the air in the room. While in use, the NG Series’s new generation infra panel produces negatively charged ions that purify the air in the room (anion effect). Radiating heat has numerous health benefits and Infra panels are also silent.

By contrast, conventional convection heaters (electric radiators, hot water radiators, etc.) cause the air to circulate (dust cylinder) in the room and to heat the nearby air layers, where as infra heating provides a uniform temperature throughout the room.



Arctic White Aluminium Frame Product Line for independent and complementary heating systems with low investment costs. The heat-emitting active heat exchanger surface maximises the spread of heat and gives a relaxed sense of comfort.


Tempered glass and mirror design. The PREMIUM range is an ideal heating solution for bathrooms, exclusive rooms or even commercial spaces. Thanks to its frame-free design, it meets many interior design trends and quality requirements.


The packaging of BVF infra panels includes all the accessories you will need for installation. But with the addition of some accessories, you can create a whole new product, for example a mobile infra panel or a towel drying design.