Floor, Wall and Ceiling Heating without Limitations

Floor heating 4-6mm thick! CALEO heating film technology is a unique opportunity for modern construction and building engineering. Quick to implement and with low investment costs, you can design individual heating systems or even just one room comfort heating. Extra-thin installation layers simplify the installation of our surface heating in existing buildings.



  • Design a thin layered total floor heating system or additional comfort heating
  • Design of a heat storage floor heating system
  • Design of a full ceiling heating that is built into the plasterboard

What's the difference between the older heating film and the our new heating film?

By experience, 10 years of continuous product development. The CALEO CA range of 4 generation types developed a market leading role. The development of the Nano-technology line and the availability of quality raw materials in 2008 brought a dramatic change. We could combine our products with several advanced components, and software modeling for research and development also opened up new dimensions. Such a scale of technology advancements has enabled us to leave behind the older technology to improve the efficiency and reliability of our heating film.




Why is the efficiency of CALEO heating films better than any other similar product?

After the development of the heating film product in 2005, then in 2008 the BVF-CALEO group did not follow other manufacturers in the investment of unreliable and short-term “self-regulating” or PTC technology. BVF-CALEO group developed a distinct CNT (carbon nanotube) system with active participation from top Japanese and South Korean engineers. Practical experience has proven to us that we now have a class winning product.

A nearly 7-year development process has resulted in a patented technology that so far no other manufacturer has been able to match. Our technology has not only achieved efficiency gains but it has become a benchmark for reliability and extreme loads. The CNT heating element has a conductivity of 4 · 109 A / cm2 and more than a thousand times equivalent sized copper wire. After extreme loads, carbon nanotubes do not deteriorate and they regain their original shape and properties.


Learn about BVF-CALEO’s latest surface heating technology, replacing the “old heating film” developed since 2005 through 4 generation types, the extreme load capacity of the CNT (carbon nano tube) heat exchanger manufacturing technology is a real innovation.

The industry-leading CALEO 80-130 heating film range, which complies with all European requirements and standards, is more economical and safe to operate when compared to conventional electric floor heating and heating films. The premium quality CALEO heating film warranty period is 5 + 5 years, lifetime is unlimited.


The first heating solution for energy-efficient buildings.

The CALEO floor heating system is ideal for building a heating system for average and energy-efficient buildings directly under a covering material. Our “heat storage” floor heating systems are installed in a 4-6cm floor levelling screed concrete, evenly heating the structure which warms the room for many hours after the heating cycle has ended.

It is even more economical to use with cheaper night electricity tariffs or other special service tariffs.


CALEO heating systems do not require maintenance or hidden warranty reviews. They can be put into operation immediately after installation / transfer, and can be completely separated from environmental effects due to their multiple insulation (e.g. wetting of the substrate, water pipe breakage). At the end of the heating season, the heating system can be disconnected at the thermostat by the simple push of a button, and started up again when the thermostat is switched on and the desired temperature is set.


Like all BVF products, the CALEO heating film range can be combined with renewable energy sources. The heating energy demand for buildings is calculable, so is the consumption of the heating system. Learn more about our solar systems that can fully replace your heating costs.

The CALEO heating film is attached to both sides of a high purity copper conductor which is attached to a carbon-tech heating element through a patented trapezoid-silver mesh.

Electrical resistance occurs between the two conductors, which warm up to the optimum temperature depending on the performance of the special carbon heating element. The heating film passes its heat through heat transfer, heat conduction to the floor.

CALEO’s new generation of heating films consist of five layers and basically 4 main components. The production of these components from carefully selected raw materials, the treatment of the heat chamber and the high quality laminating of the layers are indispensable requirements for the production of a robust final product. The quality of raw materials and nano-technological printing also play an important role in achieving maximum efficiency.

  1. PET heat transfer surface
  2. Special PET-EVA electrical insulating and laminating layer
  3. CARBON-SILVER heating element and high purity copper conductor
  4. Special PET-EVA electrical insulating and laminating layer
  5. PET carrier layer is both an electrical insulator and a mechanical (scratch and point load) protective surface

80W, 130W, 160W/M²


30CM, 50CM, 80CM

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)



388 MICRON (0.38 MM)


80W / 50cm

12.39 Euro + VAT / m

futofilm-small-prodFLOOR HEATING

80W / 80cm

17.69 Euro + VAT / m

futofilm-small-prodFLOOR HEATING

130W / 50cm

12.77 Euro + VAT / m

futofilm-small-prodFLOOR HEATING

130W / 80cm

20.43 Euro + VAT / m

futofilm-small-prodFLOOR HEATING

160W / 30cm

8.51 Euro + VAT / m

futofilm-small-prodWALL AND CEILING HEATING


CALEO products can not be purchased in retail stores.

The installation of the systems is done on the basis of a quotation, by qualified electricians, with the use of qualified installation materials and to the required measurements.
The guaranteed time of the systems, which are installed by qualified professionals, is a unique on the European market, 5 + 5 year manufacturer and official guarantee.
The only safe source!
Request a custom quote today and avoid the risk of buying heating films of unknown quality and origin and “web shop” “older heating films”, “second and third generation infra film.”

Designing a new heating system or even just determining the performance of some additional heating is a matter for a specialist.

Ask for a quote through our online site.

BVF Heating insists on high quality and fast customer management. Our quotations will be issued within 24-48 hours when a sufficient amount of information is provided for planning. If you need additional information, our design colleagues will contact you at your given contact details.



From 26 Euro + VAT / m2

Design of standalone floor heating systems for new constructions or renovations, installed in the substrate.

Number one heating solution for energy-efficient buildings.

The CALEO EFFICIENT heat storage floor heating system is perfect for building a heating system for average and energy-efficient buildings. The heating films are housed in 4-6cm screed “heating storage concrete” that evenly heats up the building structure which warms the room for long periods after the heating up cycle has finished.


From 25 Euro + VAT / m2

Perfect renovation system. The heating elements are installed directly under the flooring or in the floor bedding.

Our extra thin floor heating system consists of two innovative heating elements from BVF-Caleo 80-130 heating film and BVF H-Mat 100-150 heating mats.

The CALEO REG system, when compared to conventional thermal storage floor heating systems, uses the thermal storage capacity of the concrete to a minimum, so that the heating up time is not hours, but rather a matter of just minutes. Traditional tiling can be done without the need for special layers.


From 15 Euro + VAT / m2

Wall and ceiling heating system. Ideal surface heating solution for light structure buildings and / or high ceiling buildings.

One of the fastest heating solutions today. For light structure buildings, as the plasterboard ceilings are part of the building, so there is no additional investment in the ceilings. The CALEO 160 range, with its unique 30cm dimension and optimized performance, adapts perfectly to modern building structures.

Between 20-40% from the ceiling surface is sufficient to provide enough heating capacity.