Build consciously

The use of renewable energy sources and eco-friendly construction is today’s decisive focus on building engineering. Contrary to myths, it is a return on investment.

Build environmentally conscious and / or renewable energy sources to achieve energy independence.

Stricter standards for buildings involve the continuous change and development of technology. Innovation in heating technology is also geared towards future sustainability, to lower the energy consumption, to lower the cost and to lower the impact on the environmental.

Build consciously and lower conventional environmental pollutants. The use of renewable energy sources and independence from energy prices is our common goal worldwide.

When designing a solar system, it is also important to calculate the proper performance when determining the technology composition. Unnecessary overspending increases the payback time, or a possible miss-dimensioning will result in unnecessary investment, and may eventually result in expensive conversion work.

Heating using renewable energy

Heat Generator Gas boiler + floor heating system CALEO REG floor heating system + Solar panel
Investment cost 8.900 Euro 10.400 Euro
Gas design + Implementation / Electric network expansion 2.900 Euro 550 Euro
Chimney construction + Chimney Lining 2.100 Euro 0 Euro
Maintenance every 4 years 340 Euro 0 Euro
Monthly heating bill 65 Euro 0 Euro
Total cost at end of 4th year 17.360 Euro 10.950 Euro
Total cost at end of year 12 24.280 Euro 10.950 Euro

The calculation is based on a 100m2 floor building with a “A +” rating of 2016 (energy requirement for heating 30kWh / m2 year, although this standard is less than 15kWh / m2 yearly for a passive house.) The power of the built-in solar system is 2.5 kWp yearly energy production is 3125 kWh.) Simplified calculation does not calculate the increase in energy prices. If this is only 2-3% per year, the difference is even more drastic.