Made and developed in Korea

High quality products and systems from Samsung and LG’s home country with nearly 3 decades of experience. The goal of our company and satisfied users is the same worldwide. The development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems is in our common interest. The clear goal of UHS-BVF-CALEO Group management is to bring warmth to our homes by creating environmentally conscious and healthy heating systems.

CALEO gyártósor

We create heating systems

UHS-BVF-CALEO’s engineers examine the complexity of the energy parameters of the building and the elements of the heating system, not only the sale of our products, but rather the systems. Additionally, we are happy to answer questions about energy-related buildings in the renovation or building process, and we will be able to measure the performance of any solar system you may need.

Our design and construction teams worldwide are always at the highest standard and at short notice to all our esteemed customers from design to implementation.

Quality and Certificates

Why is UHS-BVF-CALEO longer warranty period up to 8 years from other manufacturers?

Our products meet the highest quality requirements and standards. Manufacturing plants operate under the highest ISO 9001 standard with the most advanced materials. Our high quality products have all the necessary certifications in the EU.

Useful innovation

Continuous product development. Our company has recognized and supports the long-term potential of renewable energy sources. When we build our heating systems and products we take these into account, our goal is to promote environmentally friendly and energy-independent heating systems. Our remote control heating control allows you to achieve greater comfort and energy savings than ever before.

Our goal is to provide our customers and partners with the highest technology and quality in each case.

Environment and sustainability

Stricter standards for buildings involve the continuous change and development of technology. Innovation in heating technology is also geared towards future sustainability, the lower the energy consumption, the lower the cost and the lower environmental load. Build consciously and break down with conventional environmental pollutants. The use of renewable energy sources and independence from energy prices is our common goal worldwide.

UHS-BVF-CALEO systems and products can be combined with renewable energy sources.